The smallest part can achieve the greatest change.

A combination to spark success.

To make Ekshärad and Conshohocken detectable on the world map, you need to zoom in quite a few times.

Small communities with big hearts and even greater people. Communities where the sum of the parts needs to be greater than the whole. Just as when MPT and Chemalloy joined forces to form Metal Powder Group with the vision that the smallest part can achieve the greatest change.

Global presence and local accessibility

Paired with the promise of global presence and local accessibility, Metal Powder Group’s collected product offer cover valuable core solutions for the welding, hard-facing and steel industries as well as sought after customized alloys for other application areas.

High consistent quality

Our smallest parts need to be of the absolute highest consistent quality since they are a part of vital constructions and innovations. That’s why we are a global partner for your every powder need.

Experience and innovation

Experience on one side of the scale, and innovation on the other. With that foundation we are confident that we can be your source for every powder need. When combined with a flexible production process, easily accessible stock locations and a vast network of representatives, Metal Powder Group is your reliable one-stop-shop for a wide range of metal powder solutions.


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