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metal powder production.

Changing the industry with custom-made powder solutions.

We are committed to innovation and finding solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. That means solutions rather than products.

Our solutions include a variety of customized and recyclable packaging, and with customers all over the world we know the value of reliable, efficient and easy logistics. By sharing our knowledge and expertise from the global metal powder market we can form strong partnerships. Partnerships that drive business development and innovation that are mutually beneficial.

One great example of innovation is our latest technology, Powder Treatment, that enhances the performance of our powders such as flowability and rust inhibition. By pairing experience with knowledge and innovation Metal Powder Group strives to develop and deliver the best metal powder solutions possible.


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Source the best raw materials.

Enrich it with experience and expertise.

Process it with the latest technology.

Offer the industry’s widest range of products.

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