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Metal Powder Group’s Approach to Consistency as a Measure of Quality

At Metal Powder Group, our vision, “The smallest part can achieve the greatest change,” drives our commitment to delivering superior quality metal powders. With decades of expertise, Metal Powder Group prides itself on rigorous quality assurance processes. Göran Skoog, Product Manager, sheds light on the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Quality is Consistency

Metal Powder Group’s stringent quality control measures guarantee that every batch of metal powder meets the highest standards. The mindset that quality is consistency is what sets Metal Powder Group apart in the competitive market of metal powders.

Long Lasting Relationships

Operating in an industry with a limited number of suppliers, Metal Powder Group has built long-term relationships with the best ones. When it comes to new suppliers, a long series of tests is required before the material enters our production.

Metal Powder Group always make sure that all incoming raw materials undergo comprehensive testing. This thorough vetting process is essential to ensure consistency in the output from the production.

“When it comes to powder properties, we conduct tests throughout the entire production journey, Skoog explains.”

Identify & Address Deviations – Quickly

By conducting these frequent tests, Metal Powder Group can quickly identify and address any deviations, ensuring that the final product is of the highest consistent quality. This meticulous approach allows Metal Powder Group to maintain a reputation for excellence and reliability.

The Importance in Country of Origin

In the business, there is generally a significant emphasis on the country of origin (COO) of raw materials. However, COO as the only quality stamp is to simplify the attention to detail that’s required.

Metal Powder Group’s perspective is clear: while the origin is an important factor, it does not guarantee a high-quality product. The key lies in the meticulous processing of the raw material and focus on cross-contamination.

“If you do not work thoroughly enough, for example, with the cleaning process of the machines between running different products, the origin or the quality of the raw material doesn’t matter, it will be contaminated. We feel very confident in our processes and everything we deliver to our customers, Skoog concludes.”