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Embracing Agility and Aspiring for Excellence

– New Production Manager Magnus Nilsson’s Perspective on Metal Powder Group

Magnus Nilsson joined Metal Powder Group as a Production Manager this fall. During his brief time at the company, he’s impressed by the vast decision-making process and has high hopes for the future.

In his role at Metal Powder Group, Nilsson values the unique opportunity to contribute to discussions on critical business matters. His proximity to the operator team allows him to bridge the gap between strategic decisions and operational execution.

“At Metal Powder Group, I have a fantastic opportunity to be involved in discussions about the significant issues closest to the business, all while being the closest manager to the operator team. In the future, I hope to contribute to broadening our product portfolio, or at least explore the possibility of processing a wider range of products at the Ekshärad production site”, Magnus Nilsson says and continues to evolve on his insights after his first couple of months at the company:

“Something I’ve noticed is that we have incredibly fast decision-making processes; usually, it’s more of a ’buzzword ’, but here at Metal Powder Group, I experience that it’s real. Within the scope of my responsibilities, it means that I can see something we can and should implement, and it can be done the same day. It’s intense, and it requires good analysis and constant evaluation.”

He firmly believes this creates value for the customers.

“This means that we act and are perceived as an agile business partner. We are prepared to practically adapt based on our customers’ needs, which can be a challenge when the decision-making processes are slower.”

Magnus Nilsson expresses confidence in the competence in the Ekshärad production site, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement. He emphasizes the need to harness their collective expertise, fostering a culture that evaluates deviations promptly and encourages open discussions about challenges.

“The workgroup I am responsible for is very competent, and I would like to see us harness even more of that expertise. Together, we create a way of working that contributes to improvements where we evaluate deviations and react to them immediately. If we talk more about when things go wrong, things can flow even better. As I said, the group is very competent and has many good ideas on how we can improve.”

While acknowledging the challenges, Magnus Nilsson is optimistic about the future of Metal Powder Group.

“As I see it, an even higher global market share is within reach. It’s, of course, not easy, but if we stick to our course and continue delivering high quality at the right price, we will gain more and more market share.”