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Powders for friction applications.

Friction materials are considered as one of the most complex material systems – both in the composition itself and when it comes to the choice of raw-materials. And there is no doubt that the smallest part can achieve the greatest change.

Metal Powder Group provides the industry’s broadest range of metal and other powder solutions for a wide range of different applications, and friction is no exception. Friction materials are essential in all different types braking systems and there are a wide range of applications – automotive, heavy trucks, trains, elevators, and aircrafts. Just to name a few.

There is no universal formula to meet all design criteria for a friction material, every application is unique, and all ingredients must be carefully selected. But with the wide range of powders that Metal Powder Group can provide will contribute with key properties depending on application and function.

Broad portfolio for different functions

To achieve required properties friction materials are multiphase composites consisting of a blend of many different materials where each element has its own function.

Metal Powder Group portfolio includes: 

– Pure metals
– Ferroalloys
– Minerals
– Performance enhancers

This portfolio covers a wide spectrum of functions in friction formulations, including: 

– Abrasives
– Lubricants
– Fillers
– Strengthening alloys.

Our products are found in all different friction material formulations, sintered metallics, semi-metallics, and non-asbestos-organics.

Experience in providing powders for friction applications

Metal Powder Group have years and years of experience providing powders for friction applications. Especially on the US market and we are confident that our high-quality products would make a difference on the global market. With the experience comes an understanding for the demands. Our powders will play an important role when composing high quality friction materials.


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