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From Per’s Perspective

The Smallest Part Can Achieve the Greatest Change

‘Something that defines how we approach our business and what we do.’ That’s how Per Engdahl, CEO of Metal Powder Group, summarizes the company’s vision: ‘The Smallest Part Can Achieve the Greatest Change.’

This vision has become Metal Powder Group’s guiding principle from several different perspectives, the first being the most obvious.

“We’re in the Metal Powder Business, where the components of our products measure 1/100 of a millimeter. Powder that forms welding wire, a wire that is vital in giant constructions. It’s almost poetic in a sense. To invest so much thought into something so small that forms the foundation of important building blocks, that’s a beautiful picture,” says Per Engdahl.

How do you pay attention to details that aren’t even visible to the human eye? At Metal Powder Group, it’s something that’s ingrained in the DNA and core of the business.

“We need to pay attention to every single detail, regardless of whether it’s about our packaging, our production process, or the quality of the raw materials we use. Why? Because we understand the consequences if we don’t live up to our promises. In that sense, the promise to our customers is equally important, considering how we act, how we listen to their needs, and how we communicate with them,” says Per Engdahl.

From there, the step to the internal work environment isn’t far, but it’s equally important.

“Metal Powder Group operates globally, but it’s not a large company. Therefore, every employee is extremely important – especially since we have more areas of responsibility than employees. Every person is of great importance and carries a lot of responsibility,” says Per Engdahl.

This is how Metal Powder Group knows that the Smallest Part Can Achieve the Greatest Change – in small communities with big hearts, where individual actions create a collective impact and attention to details ensures consistent quality.